What Kind of College Degree Should I Get to B a Multimedia Designer?


To get a job as a multimedia designer, you should get a college degree in multimedia design or some other multimedia field. You could also try media arts or digital arts.
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I'm currently an interior design student and to become an accredited interior designer you will have to pass the NCIDQ exam. To my knowledge there are 2 ways to qualify for the exam
We offer an Associate's Degree in Interactive Simulation & Game Technology.
As with any job out there, persistance and hard work with an underpinning of knowledge and education will get you far in life. Get your nose into things that interest you in your
Most people we hire have a bachelor’s degree in industrial design, transportation design or fine arts—degrees that typically let us see their creativity and innovative
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At most universities this is a four year program. You should check with the admissions offices at the universities you are interested in to see what kind of programs ...
The amount of years that you would have to go to college to be a multimedia designer would all depend on weather you are going full time or part, and what degree ...
In order to be a graphic designer you will need to have computer knowledge and be very creative. It is also beneficial to obtain a college degree if you wish to ...
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