What Kind of Dog Is Benji?


Benji Superstar is actually a female mixed breed. She might have some Tibetan terrier in her lineage.
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a small mixed breed dog. The writer of the stories suggested poodle and cocker spaniel
The original Benji was a mixed breed, as is the new Benji. Huggable, floppy-eared
Kennel club-registered dogs compete in breed conformation events for breed champion status. In these shows the dog's overall appearance is judged against the ideal breed standard,
It's a hybrid of Maltese + Toy Poodle = Maltipoo (Maltipu). Embed Quote
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The dog in the movie Benji (1974) was played by a mixed breed dog named Higgins.
Benji was a mutt he was not a full blooded breed of dog. The original Benji was a female terrier mix. In later Benji movies the part was played by a male dog.
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