What kind of dog was in "Turner and Hooch"?


The kind of dog that was seen in "Turner and Hooch" was known as a Dogue de Bordeaux. According to DogTime, these kinds of dogs are mostly used as guard dogs.

Besides just being called by their French names, these dogs are also referred to as French Mastiffs. Even though they are known to be guardians, they are also great family pets as well. The dogs have an average weight of 110 pounds for males and 99 pounds for females. Their lifespan is between 8 to 12 years. Above all else, they are loyal and obedient animals who are respectful of their owners.

Q&A Related to "What kind of dog was in "Turner and Hooch"?"
The dog used in the 1989 movie Turner & Hooch was a Dogue de Bordeaux, also known as a French mastiff. The film starred Tom Hanks.
Hooch was a Dogue de Bordeaux or French Mastiff. They are powerful dogs, and have a good temperament!
1- turner's life was become upside down when he is forced to team up with a messy dog. . 2- like to take criminal cases.
The Oddest Couple Ever Unleashed!
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