What kind of dog was Lassie?


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Lassie, that perfect, smart, loyal and beautiful Collie that was always there in the
The dog who played the character of "Lassie" on television was a (male!) rough collie.
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Lassie, best known for her role in the long running series of the same name, is a tri-colored Rough Collie, also referred to as a long-haired collie. Collies are often confused with Shetland Sheepdogs, which are much smaller.
Lassie was a popular actor and had his own television series back in the 1950's. Lassie was a beautiful brown and white Border collie. Although he may have looked like a female, the original Lassie was actually a male.
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Lassie is a dog the of the collie breed. The collie breed is characterised by being medium sized, has a lean head and is blunted and wedged in shape. It has long ...
It is unknown how many dogs have played Lassie throughout the years. The first canine actor to portray Lassie was Pal. After Pal was removed from the show, many ...
Lassie was a rough collie. The famous canine was featured in several movies and had a television show in the 1940s and 1950s. Lassie was known for helping people ...
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