What Kind of Fish Are in Finding Nemo?


There are 13 kinds of fish shown in the movie, 'Finding Nemo'. Of course, Nemo and Marlin are clown fish, Dory is a Blue Tang, Tad (Butterfly Fish), Bruce(Great White Shark), Sheldon ( Sea Horse), Jacques ( Cleaner Shrimp), Chum(Mako Shark), Pearl ( Flapjack Octopus), Bubbles(Yellow Fang), Deb ( Black&White Humbug Fish), Gill (Moorish Idol), Bloat(Puffer Fish)and Gurgle (Royal Gamma).
Q&A Related to "What Kind of Fish Are in Finding Nemo"
A Blue Tang or Palette Surgeonfish.
Deb was a " Four Stripe Damselfish. "
Dory is a regal tang(Paracanthurus hepatus). Some people might confuse Dory to be a blue tang(Acanthurus coerules), but the regal tang has the long, black stripe on its head and yellow
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