What Kind of Government Does France Have?


France structure of government is a semi-presidential system. The president appoints the prime minister who in turn heads the government. The lower house of parliament is directly elected while the senate is indirectly elected. The government is based on the French Constitution of the fifth Republic.
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The Government of France
Conventional Name: French Republic
Government Type: republic
Voting Age: 18 years of age; universal
Chief: President François Hollande
Head: Prime Minister Manuel Valls
Legislature: bicameral Parliament or Parlement consists of the Senate or Senat (343 seats, 321 for metropolitan France and overseas departments, 2 for New Caledonia, 2 for Mayotte, 1 for Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, 1 for Saint-Barthelemy, 1 for Saint-Martin, 3 fo
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