What kind of oil does my Craftsman lawnmower use?


The kind of oil required for a Craftsman lawn mower depends upon the specific model of lawn mower. In most cases, a Craftsman lawn mower uses SAE 30 4-cycle small engine oil, but this may not be the case for every model. Be sure to check the owner's manual to see what type of motor oil is recommended.
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How to Change Your Craftsman Lawnmower Oil
You should give your Sears Craftsman lawn mower an oil change every spring to ensure the mower's engine is properly lubricated. Craftsman mowers do not have an oil drain plug, so the only way to replace the oil is to turn the turn the mower on its... More »
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To change the oil in a Craftsman lawnmower you will need an oil drain pan, a ratchet set and some old rags or paper towels. You will have to tilt the mower in ...
Craftsman riding lawnmower troubleshooting is fairly simple. First, of course, checked to ensure that the mower has gas and oil. Then, checked to ensure it is ...
Many types of standard lawnmowers require a conventional motor oil, which is typically 10-30 in weight. However, it's important for owners to consult their user ...
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