What Kind of Paint Do I Use on Wood Furniture?


The type of paint you'll choose for your wood furniture depends on how you want it to look, whether the furniture will be used indoors or outdoors, and how the piece will be used. As far as looks- do you want the paint to be dull and flat? A kind of shiny semi-gloss? Or all-out glossy? If the furniture is going to be exposed to the elements, you may want to choose a durable enamel paint. And, if the paint needs to be washable and dirt-resistant, look for an acrylic. Latex paint dries quickly and is durable too.
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Surface preparation is the key to achieving an attractive finished product, and the first step is sanding the piece smooth. Three steps are involved: sanding with a rough 100-grit
If you want to move faster than a brush, ragging on paint can be fairly quick and any old rag will work. Your next step will be a HVLP (high volume low pressure) sprayer. I have an
if bare wood surfaces prime with a latex enamel undercoater primer. or depending on the finish use a primer if not sure just use oil. but no matter what with these primers u are still
Step-by-step instructions for adding vibrant color to wood chairs and stools.
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What Kind of Paint Do I Use on Wood Furniture?
Painting wood furniture is a sure way to either dress up or renew older or pressed wood varieties. A few guidelines and applications are available for different types of paint on wooden furniture, but the underlying factor for using any kind of paint, be... More »
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You can use latex paint to paint woof furniture. If you are looking for a different look you might want to try staining your wood furniture instead of painting it.
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To paint fake wood furniture, scrape the fake wood furniture with 80-grit sand smoother. Swab the furniture properly with a rag humidified in a mixture of equal ...
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When you have painted wood furniture, you may want to limit your heavy cleaning since some chemicals can dull or even harm the paint. Vacuuming the furniture using ...
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