What Kind of Paint Do I Use to Paint Paneling?


Interior wall paint will be used to paint paneling. A really good primer will need to be used first in order to get the paint to stick to paneling. A matte finish or eggshell should be used instead of a high gloss finish.
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What Kind of Paint Do I Use to Paint Paneling?
Is that tacky, outmoded fake-wood paneling making you stir-crazy? Relax. You can make that paneled room look less like a box and more like a living space with a simple coat of paint. Before you start, there are things you need to know. This fact sheet... More »
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In order to paint paneling, you will first need to lightly sand and prime it with a really good quality primer. This will give you a smooth surface but the gloss of the paneling will
Many people like wood paneling precisely because it has a little texture. If you want to brighten up a room, here is how to paint paneling while still giving your walls a textured
Clean and sand the paneling first.Then apply a latex-based primer that will cut the gloss of the paneling's surface. After the priming step, the sky's the limit. You can paint your
1 Begin the task by clearing the room of any furniture and covering the floor with a drop cloth. Canvas drop cloths work best, but they can be more expensive; if you need to use something
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There are a lot of older homes that have paneling in them. Many of the paneling that is in homes is in need of replacement or some kind of paint job. Painting ...
In order to paint over wooden paneling, you need to first check the kind of surface of the wooden paneling. If it is something that can take a layer of paint, ...
Clean the paneling to be painted first with a vinegar and water solution. Prime the paneling, then use a roller to paint the latex color of your choice on. ...
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