What type of pill is has "Mylan 152" imprinted on it?


Clonidine is a pill that has "Mylan 152" imprinted on it, reports Drugs.com. Clonidine is an oral medication that relaxes blood vessels so that blood flows more freely, says WebMD. It is used to treat high blood pressure, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, hot flashes due to menopause and opiate withdrawal.

The strength of this round, white pill is 0.1 milligrams, according to Drugs.com, and it is available by prescription only. Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. manufactures Clonidine.

WebMD warns that nervousness, headache, shaking and agitation may occur in those who stop taking clonidine suddenly. Fatalities due to stroke have also been reported in patients who stopped taking the drug too quickly. Patients must gradually reduce the amount of clonidine they take under a doctor's supervision when the time comes to stop taking the medication.

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Clonidine Strength(s) 0.1 mg Imprint(s) MYLAN 152 is used to treat high blood
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