What Kind of Plants Are in the Gobi Desert?


In Gobi Desert, you can find drought-adapted shrubs such as grey sagebrush, grey sparrow's saltwort and low grasses such as bridlegrass and needle grass. The desert is also home to animals such as marbled polecats, black-tailed gazelles, sandplovers, Bactrian camels and Mongolian wild ass.
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Life can be found in the most barren of landscapes. Saxaul trees are important to human and animal survival in the Gobi Desert because they provide water. The tree has a natural water
khargana, tamarisk, red trees and wild thyme also the saxaul Source(s): http://www.gobidesert.mn/
The desert has many varieties of Wildflowers, Cactus & Succulents as well as
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Due to the exceptionally low rainfall, all desert plants either use very little water, like cactus, or have extensive roots systems to tap groundwater. ...
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