What Kind of Plants Live in the Ocean?


There are a ton of plants that live in the ocean. Some of these plants include: seaweed, algae, kelp, rock weed, sea wacks and sea grasses.
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Ocean Plants Some plant groups that belong in the ocean include coral, kelp, seaweed, plankton, algae, and sponges.
Millions of plants and animals are located in the Atlantic Ocean. Most live only near the sunlit surface; however, a variety of bottom-dwelling animals and plants can be found. These
A very common plant is Sea fan. A very uncommon plant is Phytoplankton. Some
Hi there i don't know if this will help or not. Fish- eat animals and plant killer whales- animals and plants lobsters- animals and plants turtles- plants and i think animals i am
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The ocean holds an abundant variety of lifeforms, including dolphins, turtles, sharks, penguins, octopuses, plankton, jellyfish, coral reefs and seaweed.
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