What Kind of Plants Live in the Ocean?


There are a ton of plants that live in the ocean. Some of these plants include: seaweed, algae, kelp, rock weed, sea wacks and sea grasses.
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The ocean holds an abundant variety of lifeforms, including dolphins, turtles, sharks, penguins, octopuses, plankton, jellyfish, coral reefs and seaweed.
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There are thousands of plants that live in the Pacific Ocean. So of the most common plants are kelp, sea cabbage, oarweed, gulfweed, Phytoplankton, Macrocystis ...
There are basically two different kinds of plants that grow in the ocean. There's the type that have roots and stick to the ocean bottom and those that float around ...
Without this answer going on to neverland I will only list a few. There is Kelp which is a type of seaweed and provides nutrients for other marine life. There ...
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