What Kind of Router Do I Need for Cable Internet?


A router is a device that acts as connection between two different networks. In this case, the cable company has one network, which includes your Internet connection. The other network is your home computer or computers. The information sent between your home computer and the cable Internet service provider, or ISP, can include many different types of data. The cable router, as the name suggests, routes this data to where it needs to go. For example, if you have two computers on your home network, and you use one of them to access the shared picture files on the second computer, the cable router gets the information request from the first computer, and routes it to the second computer. If the second computer is trying to view a web page, the cable router takes this request and routes it to the cable Internet service provider. When the ISP sends the web page information back, the cable router sends it to the second computer.When you decide to purchase a cable router, there are several things to consider.
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