What Kind of Snake Is Black and White?


A black and white snake that some are familiar with is the king snake. King snakes can come in all sorts of colors, but one of the color combination is black and white. You can find more information here: http://www.desertusa.com/magfeb98/feb_pap/du_kingsnake.html
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This snake is usually between 18 and 26 inches long, but some exceptional specimens can get up to 49 inches in length. Garter snakes tend to have dark gray to black bodies with three
The rare Paradise Flying Snake. The Sinaloan Milk Snake. The Central Plains Milk Snake. The Scarlet King Snake. The Long-Nosed Snake. The San Francisco Garter Snake. The Western &
A rat snake is mostly black with white marking on it's chin and belly.
It could be alot of snakes.California Kingsnakes are most commonly black & white, banded or striped, among other variations, and other Kingsnakes are black and white also.
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What Kind of Snake Is Black & White?
North America is home to a wide variety of snake species, most of which are members of the non-poisonous Colubrid family. Many of these snakes are black or very dark brown with white or light-colored markings. Learning to identify these creatures can be... More »
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The Eastern Kingsnake is a shiny black snake with white or yellow bands on them. They are large in size, growing up to around 48 inches long. They are found throughout ...
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