What Kind of Spider Is Black and White?


The Marbled Orb Weaver spider has black and white, striped legs. The Lattice Orbweaver spider has a white body with six black spots that identify it as a Lattice Orbweaver.
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I think the spider you are referring to is a kite spider. check out this website. http://www.museums.org.za/bio/spiderweb/araneida.htm.
The Araneus diadematus, or more commonly called in England,
A member of the Salticidae family. (a jump spider) probably Phidippus genus, and likely a P. audax or P. regius (a bold or a regal jumping spider) Quite harmless, and fascinating
Characteristics. Black widows are carnivores, meaning they eat insects and other spiders. They have an average life span of one to three years and, except for the mating ritual, they
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Because the question did not specify if there was a pattern to the coloration or the size of the spider, the answer to this question could be a few different types of spiders. If it looks like a crab, it could be a spiny orb weaver. If it has white designs on the sides of its abdomen, it could be a Bowl and Doily spider. This website has a lot of pictures for reference.
The Marbled Orb Weaver spider has black and white striped legs with a "marbling" of color on its abdomen. The Lattice Orbweaver spider has a white body with very tiny black spots (6 in total) on its abdomen that identifies it as a Lattice Orbweaver.
Male Black Widow spiders are black with white strips. Jumping spiders can be black and white as well. Orbweaver spiders are black and white, but they often have either yellow or orange on their bodies and legs too.
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