What Language Does Josh Groban Sing in?


Josh Groban sings in different languages in different songs. So far Josh Groban has sung songs in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. The song Per Te is in Italian, the song Alejate is in Spanish, and the song Hymne a l'Amour is in French.
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Josh Groban sings songs in Italian, Spanish, and of course English. Thanks for doing the
He just finished the US tour of his Awake CD and is heading to South Africa in March, and for May he has plans to participate in the musical CHESS in London. He is currently in the
He has a great vocal range. Not only is it wide, but it's very strong and controlled from top to bottom. It seems he was more a baritone when he was younger, but he seems to be maturing
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Josh Groban mostly sings in English though he is also known to release some of his songs in Italian and Spanish. Josh is an American musician, actor, producer and songwriter, and was in 2007 charted as the best selling artist in the USA.
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