What Language Does Josh Groban Sing in?


Josh Groban sings in different languages in different songs. So far Josh Groban has sung songs in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. The song Per Te is in Italian, the song Alejate is in Spanish, and the song Hymne a l'Amour is in French.
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Josh Groban sings the song "Mai" in Italian. ChaCha on!
I think it was the Tenor, but I'm not really sure. But whatever it was, it really sounded good! I love Believe-- Josh Groban is my favorite artist!
Pitbull is from Miami, Florida. The languages that he speaks
He's a baritone who can sing some high notes. He's definitely not a tenor. 0 1 Comment T-Man answered 3 years ago Various music critics have described Groban's voice in different
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Josh Groban mostly sings in English though he is also known to release some of his songs in Italian and Spanish. Josh is an American musician, actor, producer and songwriter, and was in 2007 charted as the best selling artist in the USA.
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