At what level does Growlithe evolve?


Growlithe is Pokemon number 58 in the 'Pokemon' game series. He is one of the original 151 Pokemon. Growlithe evolves into Arcanine with a Fire Stone at any level.
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Growlithe only evolves with the use of a Fire Stone. Here are the locations for a fire stone in each game: Gold/Silver/Crystal. : Bills Grand Father(He Lives in Bill's Cottage North
Growlithe evolve into Arcanine by using a Fire Stone.
Lileep only evolves at level 40.
Level 32.
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Growlithe is a puppy. Growlithe should evolve on level fifty. It evolves into Arcanine. Growlithe is from generation I. It's attack is fire. It's abilities is intimidate with flash fire.
What level does growlithe evolve? The Pokemon character Growlithe evolves into the Pokemon character Charizard at level thirty six. To have your Growlithe learn every move it can, however, it is best to wait to evolve it until level 50, when it learns the last move it can, which is when it can learn flamethrower and extreme speed.
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