At what level does Oddish evolve?


Oddish is a grass and weed Pokemon. It can start to evolve at level 21 into Gloom. When Gloom is exposed to a leaf stone, it can evolve into Vileplume and into Bellossom if exposed to a sun stone. Its ability is chlorophyll and the hidden ability is run away.
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in ALL of the Pokemon games oddish evolves to gloom when it is lv 21 and if you use special stones it will evolve again i hope i helped
Oddish evolves to Gloom at Level 21. Need more pokemon info?
it needs happiness in the evening 220 (happiness) if you want to breed you need to hold a pure incease.
Poliwag evolves into Poliwhirl at level 25. Poliwhirl will then need a water stone to evolve into Poliwrath or a King Stone to evolve into Politoad.
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