At what level does Wingull evolve?


Wingull, a water- and flying-type Pokémon, evolves into Pelipper at level 25. This is an automatic evolution that requires only leveling up. There is no need to go to a specific location or carry any specific objects.

Introduced in the third generation, Wingull is Pokémon No. 278. Mr. Briney introduces Peeko, the first Wingull seen in the anime series, during the 292nd episode. According to the Pokémon Pokédex, Wingull is immune to ground damage and relies on his special ability, Keen Eye, during battle. Pokémon games state that Wingull steals shiny objects and other valuables and hides them in random places and that he captures prey with his long beak and stores it for later in his nest.

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Wingul is a water/flying type pokemon that evolves into Peliper at level 25.
Answer Wingull evolves into Pelipper at level 25.
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