What Animals Live in the Photic Zone?


The photic zone is the area in an ocean or lake that is close enough to the surface to be exposed to sunlight. Almost all of marine life lives in this zone. There is only about 10% that lives in other zones of the water.
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All photosynthetic species, including the phytoplankton & many of the species that feed
The photic zone (also known as the euphotic zone) is the name for the depth of water, be it in lake, sea or ocean, which is exposed to sufficient sunlight to allow photosynthesis
Kelp, a variety of seaweed, is one of the most common of the sea plants. Kelp is also the largest, with some specimens growing to more than 250 feet. This seaweed grows in the cold
The photic zone refers to the portion of the water column in a lake, sea, or ocean that receives light, while the aphotic zone is the part of the water column that doesn't. Because
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What Lives in the Photic Zone?
The photic zone extends from the surface of the ocean to the depth where light is too dim for photosynthesis, on average 200 meters deep. This is similar to the epipelagic zone and sometimes the two are considered equivalent. The epipelagic is further... More »
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