What Animals Live in the Photic Zone?


The photic zone is the area in an ocean or lake that is close enough to the surface to be exposed to sunlight. Almost all of marine life lives in this zone. There is only about 10% that lives in other zones of the water.
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Using photosynthesis, single-celled phytoplankton take up carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Phytoplankton are abundant in the photic zone, they perform up to 95 percent of all the
The blobfish typically inhabits the Bathyalpelagic zone however it does
The Photic zone is the topmost layer of the ocean (200 m) also called the Epipelagic zone or Sunlit zone. Most marine life lives here. Plankton, sea lions, killer whales, coral reefs
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What Lives in the Photic Zone?
The photic zone extends from the surface of the ocean to the depth where light is too dim for photosynthesis, on average 200 meters deep. This is similar to the epipelagic zone and sometimes the two are considered equivalent. The epipelagic is further... More »
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Types of animals that live in the photic zone include; tropical fish, plankton, whales, shrimp, seastars, and coral reefs. Photic zone is the zone that is neither ...
The sub littoral zone is a zone within the ocean. There are a wide variety of marine life that live in the sub littoral zone. These animals include those such ...
Abyssal Zone is the deepest and the darkest part of the ocean with depths of 4000 - 6000 metres. The main organisms in this zone are giant squid, tripod fish, ...
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