What Makes a Basketball Bounce?


What makes a basketball bounce is several forces included gravity. The compressed air inside the ball causes the ball to react against gravity and the ground when it hits the ground.
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When a ball hits a surface, its kinetic energy deforms its shape. This same energy also goes into pushing the ball back up. The material and the amount of air pressure in a ball affects its ability to bounce.
The greater the air pressure, the bouncier a ball will be.
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The reason why basketball bounce is because of the pressurized air for its bounciness and when the ball hits the court, it compresses that air and the air stores ...
Most balls bounce because they are filled with air. Basketballs and soccer balls depend on the internal air pressure for their bounciness. Solid balls, like super ...
Pumping the basketball to the correct PSI will make it bounce optimally. It is not advised to overfill or underfill the basketball, however. In general, more air ...
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