What Makes a Basketball Bounce?


What makes a basketball bounce is several forces included gravity. The compressed air inside the ball causes the ball to react against gravity and the ground when it hits the ground.
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The usual summation of Newton's Third Law of Motion states "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. When two objects collide, the direction of the force on
A basketball bounces because of the air and gravity. The air makes the ball bounce. When you bounce the ball the air does not want to stay up, it goes down. This is called Gravity
The pressure from the air inside of it.
Muscle memory is the process that makes it
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When a ball hits a surface, its kinetic energy deforms its shape. This same energy also goes into pushing the ball back up. The material and the amount of air pressure in a ball affects its ability to bounce.
The greater the air pressure, the bouncier a ball will be.
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