What Makes a Contract Null and Void?


What makes a contract null and void would depend on what's in the contract. If the contract specifies something needs to be done by a certain date, like a house closing, and it doesn't happen, the contract would be null and void.
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The word "null" suggests that something has no effect, is invalid or is of no value. A contract or official statement may be rendered as null if a deadline or statute of
Fraud. The only think that can make it 'void' is if one of the people was already married. Other than that you must get it anulled through the court system and you must prove that
Roman Catholic Answer. A decree of nullity (popularly called an annulment) is issued if it can be proved that no valid marriage ever took place. The easiest one would be lack of form
Reasons why a marriage contract would be illegal: One or both parties are minors without parental consent. Either the man or women is married to someone else at the time. If the marriage
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A contract becomes null and void if there is proof that an illegal act occurred to cause one to sign the contract. If one lacks mental capacity, the contract is also null and void. Finally, if a huge mistake occurred when writing the contract, it becomes dull and void.
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