What Makes a Fish a Fish?


A fish is considered a fish when it is cold blooded, it is an aquatic vertebrae, and it has fins. It also has to pass oxygenated water over gills. You can find more information here: http://www.oceansforyouth.org/whats-that/ftr0504.html
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A fish is characterized by the ability to breath under water, fish are ectothermic, equipped with fins. That is about it for unique characteristics of fish. Look here for more information
Cichlids share only a few key traits, one of which can be identified by examining their jaws: Cichlids have teeth in both their upper and lower jaws. The fish use these teeth to process
by looking at people or something moving.
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Generally, a fish's niche is the position held by it in its natural environment. Fishes are water pollutants with their nitrogenous wastes, predators when they ...
Sole fish is a species of fish that is flat and has both eyes on one side of its head. Sole is one of the more popular fish for eating as it has a mild flavor ...
Fish are eaten by many different species including animals, other fish, and mammals. Many other species in the ocean eat fish including sharks, other fish, and ...
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