What makes a good hotel?


A good hotel is one that has excellent customer service and provides exemplar amenities to its guests. The quality of a good hotel is consistency; during any stay at any time, guests can anticipate a satisfactory visit that meets their standards and expectations.

The distinction between good hotels and lesser quality hotels is often the quality of service provided, although cleanliness is essential. A good hotel consistently provides prompt and courteous service to guests. The staff members are attentive to customer concerns and are sincere in providing the very best degree of service, even if this may require a level of personalization.

The type of amenities offered varies by hotel; however good hotels strive to provide their guests with items that they would have in their homes. The expectation for a good hotel is that all in-room amenities are functional and easy to locate. This means that the room’s electronics and appliances are operational and are in good condition cosmetically. The beds should have medium to high quality linen with a reasonably high thread count. Good hotels provide toiletries such as lotion, mouthwash, soap, and shampoo. Other hotel amenities such as pools or fitness facilities should be well maintained and up to standards.

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