What Makes a Verbal Agreement Legally Binding?


For a verbal agreement to be legally binding, it must have the following elements: offer and acceptance, consideration, permissible subject matter, legal age and mental ability to enter into a contract and finally one must have an intention to form a contract. A verbal agreement can be binding if it forms an oral contract in law.
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Verbal agreements are in a lot of cases as legally binding as written contracts. Under law, the verbal agreement will be binding only if there was an accord on the services to be carried out and an agreement was reached on payment for this service.
Verbal agreements are legally binding. Clients know they are supposed to give you what you both settled upon. Neither a collection organisation nor a judge will want you to produce a contract. However, it may be difficult to prove.
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According to FindLaw.com, verbal agreements are binding. However, they are difficult to prove. As with any legal dispute, the enforceability of the verbal contract ...
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