What makes an artist?


An artist can encompass a wide variety of people. The most important aspect of any artist is to be creative, to not rely solely on the works of others, and to continue being creative over a period of time. Many people simply use or consume the works of others, and these people are not artists. An artist breaks new ground and creates a path that is not yet established. Artists can range over several forms of art ranging from pottery, writing, film, radio, painting, sculpting, calligraphy, music, and dozens of other forms of artistic expression.
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Note: For this article I am talking only about visual art You can be good without being famous and you can be famous without being good. So how do artists become famous? There is
1. Survey the art currently in your studio. Isolate the best examples of your art and photograph each using a digital camera. Transfer the images to your computer, and store them
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The artist develops a concept, and then conveys it visually.
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Having the ability to express yourself through art makes you an artist. Musicians express themselves through the power of music. Other artists have a passion for painting, sculpting or other ways of creation.
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