What Makes Humans Unique?


Humans are unique in the fact that we are the only animal on the Earth that has a conscience. We are also capable of cooking food, building fires, and create art.
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We, unlike any other creature, possess "free will". This means that we live our lives however we want instead of using instinct
I've heard that blushing is a completely human phenomenon because animals can not be embarrassed.
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A number of things set humans apart from the rest of the Animal Kigdom. Culture which is defined as a way of life, is one factor that sets humans apart from animals. Humans have created diverse cultures that include art, languages and cities. Man has seen above the ability to create stuff that other animals cant even think of, they have the most powerfull tool the brain and also have the ability to plan for the present and the future though most animals can do that but no animal can plan decades ahead.
Humans are unique because unlike animals, plants or microorganisms, we have the ability to make choices, demonstrate emotions and have a real purpose for living.
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