What Makes Natural Gas Smell?


Mercaptan is an acrid chemical that is usually put into natural gas to give it a pungent smell. This is done due to the fact that natural gas does not have its own unique scent hence the smell is added for safety reasons. A natural gas is a gas consisting primarily of methane which typically has 0-20% higher hydrocarbons hence it is highly flammable.
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Natural gas is a fossil fuel that is gasseous at room temperature. Its main component is methane, but it also contains many other parts. Typical trace compounds that are of value
The natural gas supplied by your utility company is almost pure methane. This is a chemical compound of one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms. The stuff that comes out of a natural
Mercaptan is the name of the additive that is
Of all the gas we pass, researchers estimate that less than 1% smells. Odorless gas consists of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide. Researchers suspect that odorous
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Natural gas has no odor on its own. The rotten egg smell that one gets from a natural gas leak is made by an odorant, called thiophane.
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