What Makes Natural Gas Smell?


Mercaptan is an acrid chemical that is usually put into natural gas to give it a pungent smell. This is done due to the fact that natural gas does not have its own unique scent hence the smell is added for safety reasons. A natural gas is a gas consisting primarily of methane which typically has 0-20% higher hydrocarbons hence it is highly flammable.
Q&A Related to "What Makes Natural Gas Smell?"
Natural gas has NO odour - the 'smell' is added during the refining process so that you know if there is a gas leak !
Natural gas is an impure gas. This means that in addition to its core component, it can include a number of other gases including propane, ethane and butane. Natural gas is subjected
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Of all the gas we pass, researchers estimate that less than 1% smells. Odorless gas consists of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide. Researchers suspect that odorous
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Natural gas has no odor on its own. The rotten egg smell that one gets from a natural gas leak is made by an odorant, called thiophane.
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