What Makes People Cry?


Emotions make people cry. The death of a loved one, the sadness of a movie, the happiness of having a baby, tears of joy, sadness, and anger. All our emotions can move us to tears.
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1. The Old Fashioned: Make yourself sad. Basically, think sad thoughts until the tears come. The best way is to truly feel sad about what you're talking about. But if you can think
1. Keep Calm. When your baby starts crying, obviously you are going to get mad and stressed out. Just keep calm and stay cool, even if its really hard too. Ad. 2. Ask him why. Okay,
My mother and her sister were a singing duo in the late 1940s. They sang on the radio and once, as the Lightner Sisters, on Ed Sullivan. My sister inherited their talent. On the
An icon is not just a simple representation of the saint, it is intimately linked with the person which it depicts. In real life those saints often prayed with tears for the sins
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One theory is that we cry to nonverbally express distress and elicit help from others.
People cry for all sorts of reasons. The most common is because their sad or their feelings were hurt. However, some people cry tears of joy and happiness.
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