What Makes the North Star Polaris Special?


The north star, also known as Polaris, is special because it is located at the northern axis of the Earth. The star's position in the sky is constant therefore, it has been a useful navigational tool since ancient times.
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It is not the brightest star in the sky, as many people think. It's important because it marks, roughly, the "North Pole of the sky"
Actually, it doesn't tell you much. Because its location in the sky from a specific location is essentially fixed (it's close to 1 degree from the CNP, and precession means it will
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Its brightness and fixed position of North Star Polaris makes it special. The North Star is located near the north pole and it looks so bright in the north. Being at the north pole it does not move with the passage of time and thus, it is used as a reference for finding the direction during sailing and other navigations.
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