What Makes the North Star Polaris Special?


The north star, also known as Polaris, is special because it is located at the northern axis of the Earth. The star's position in the sky is constant therefore, it has been a useful navigational tool since ancient times.
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In this epoch, it is very close to the north celestial pole. The pole will get slightly closer by about 2100, then start to move away. There will be no north pole star until around
Ursa Minor , often called the Little Dipper
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Polaris is simply the name for the star that is also called the North Star. It is located in the constellation that we (at least in America) call Ursa Minor or the Little Dipper.
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Its brightness and fixed position of North Star Polaris makes it special. The North Star is located near the north pole and it looks so bright in the north. Being at the north pole it does not move with the passage of time and thus, it is used as a reference for finding the direction during sailing and other navigations.
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