What Makes the Tide Go in and Out?


The periodic inward and outward movement of tides is caused by the interaction of the gravitational forces between the Earth and the Moon The. gravitational attraction of the moon causes the oceans to bulge towards the moon's direction, and another bulge occurs on the other side since the Earth is being pulled as well. Due to the continuous Earth's rotation, two tides occur daily.
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It has to do with the moon. If the moon is a new moon then the tides will go east but if it is a full moon then they will go west and all in between!
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There are a couple different factors that can make tides vary in places that are close to each other. One of them is gravitational pull because of the Earth's ...
The moon causes tides because of gravity. It is affected by the gravitation pull which causes it to make tides. These tides are stronger when the earth, moon and ...
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