What Common Materials Are Used to Build Bridges?


Most common materials used to construct bridges include natural stone, artificial stones, clinker and brick, reinforced and pressurised concrete and Timber.
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What Types of Materials Are Used to Make Bridges?
The materials used to make bridges have changed over time with developments in technology and construction styles. Originally bridges were built with stone or wood---the first bridges being as simple as logs placed over a stream. Advances in engineering... More »
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Materials used to build bridges are stone, wood, cement, steel, bricks, and iron. Bridges are built to provide passage from obstacles such as water bodies, valley ...
First know the rules, and then design the bridge, gather materials, build the bridge and last testing and evaluation. ...
A truss bridge is the strongest kind of bridge. It combines materials in a simple and efficient way that reduces and spreads out loads over a large area. They ...
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