What Materials Did Henri Matisse Use?


Henri Matisse used a wide variety of styles and equipment in his paintings. When using an impasto technique, he would use either a palette knife or a wide brush to create thick layers of paint. In scraping, he would apply multiple layers of paint before scraping at the surface to reveal the hidden layers underneath.
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He was very versatile: apart from oil painting he made pencil drawings, ink drawings, sculptures, glass and wall designs, textiles, ... He is especially famous for his decoupé
Foundation. Henri Matisse started as a student of the Flemish style (fifteenth through seventeenth centuries, or the Renaissance and Baroque periods in art history) and learned oil
In 1911, Henri Matisse painted a picture called Goldfish.
1) Post-Impressionist 2) I guess that Matisse used the three options... He was not limited himself to produce with a just one technique. 3) He was recognized when he expose on Paris
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