What Means DTC?


DTC may refer to many things. As of 2012, a common usage is as the acronym for 'Deep Thought Crowd.' It is also used to refer to many companies, such as Defense Technology Centre, Delaware Theater Company, and Delhi Transport Corporation.
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In computing, or computers DTC stands for Diagnostic Trouble
Take it to Autozone or AdvanceAuto and let them run a check for free
Gontran, The fault codes refer to the fault that the control unit has found to be out of spec. It gives the tech a starting place to look for the problem(s). If you have a specific
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DTC p1313on a 97 Jaguar Vanden means that there is something wrong with your engine. Usually, this indicates that it is misfiring. There may also be something ...
There are many reasons why you could be pulling a DTC, or Diagnostic Trouble Code 19 on your 1993 Chrysler Concord. Your best bet is to take it to Autozone, where ...
If you are receiving an error message of b0083 on your GMC cars's electronic computer module, this indicates that there is a problem with the passenger seat position ...
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