What medical careers require working with the elderly and children?


One career that involves working with children is being a school teacher. A medical career that requires working with the elderly and children would be a nurse. Another career would include a social worker.
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These nurses work directly with the elderly. They typically work in hospitals, assisted-living facilities, nursing homes or in the patient's home. Some duties include bathing, feeding
Yes you would need to get a nursing degree to work in pediatrics.You would not necessarily have to work with seniors at first but you would encounter seniors at some point during
What is a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer? Job Overview: Many people are familiar with ultrasounds, or sonography, because ultrasound, or sonograms, are commonly utilized to view a
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What Medical Careers Require Working with the Elderly & Children?
There are medical careers that involve caring for the elderly and children. Nurses and physicians, for example, work directly with people of all ages. Most are general practitioners or physicians who work in a family-office setting. Some careers involve... More »
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