What metals are magnetic?


Nickel, iron and cobalt are magnetic metals. Most other metals, including gold, copper, silver and magnesium, are generally not magnetic, although some of these metals might become slightly magnetic if placed in a magnetic field.

Magnets are created by heating a suitable metal enough to exceed the material’s Curie temperature. This aligns the small magnetic fields produced by the material, enabling them to work together. Over time, these individual magnetic fields, called domains, fall out of alignment, causing a magnet to demagnetize. Scientists can also make electromagnets by passing electric currents through coils of wire surrounding a metal object, such as a nail. This principle is used in most engines and turbines and during the production of electricity. Not all magnets are man-made, and some are naturally occurring. For example, the mineral lodestone is magnetic. One of the first magnetic substances discovered, lodestone was used to create early compasses.

The Earth’s magnetic field is produced by the movements of the inner core. Scientists believe that the core is composed primarily of iron and nickel, which are both magnetic. This magnetic field is what causes the needle of a compass to point north. Additionally, the planet’s magnetic field deflects the charged particles that stream from the Sun.

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Any metals that possess d-valence electrons shows magnetic properties. These can be easily magnetized. Such metals are cobalt, iron and nickel.
In order to understand the properties of materials that make magnetic materials there is some terminology which needs to be learned. Tesla: This is a unit of magnetic field. The higher
Non-ferrous metals do not contain iron(Fe) and are therefore not ferromagnetic. Most common of these are copper, silver, aluminium, lead, magnesium, platinum and tungsten. Magnetic
The most common magnetic metals are iron, nickel, and cobalt.
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What Metals Make Magnets?
Magnetic materials play a key role in modern-day society, forming technologies such as computer hard drives and motors. Not all metals are magnetic; the factor that decides the magnetism of an element is the number of unpaired electrons orbiting an atom.... More »
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Magnetic metals are all the metals that contain iron in other words known as ferrous metals. At times they are added some small amounts of other metals in order ...
Magnets stick to any metal that contains iron, cobalt or nickel. Iron is found in steel, so steel attracts a magnet and sticks to it. Stainless steel, however, ...
Not all metals are attracted to a magnet. Metals such as iron, nickel and cobalt together with their alloys are the most commonly known metals that are usually ...
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