What miracles did Saint Francis of Assisi perform?


According to American Catholic, numerous miracles were attributed to Saint Francis of Assisi, most of them having to do with his ability to communicate with animals and influence nature. There are also stories about his ability to heal people and animals with a touch. These tales of healing persisted after Francis' death when pilgrims to the sites containing his holy relics were also healed.

One of the most famous miracles attributed to Saint Francis of Assisi is an ability to preach to birds and other wild animals. On one occasion, he approached a large flock of birds that did not fly away when he came near, but rather waited patiently for him. Saint Francis of Assisi preached a sermon to the birds, which all began to sing when he was finished speaking. On another occasion, Francis pacified a wolf that had been killing livestock so that it never bothered people again.

Saint Francis of Assisi also performed miracles for people. Several of his miracles involved curing people of both physical and mental diseases. He also convinced many criminals to repent of their crimes and reconcile with the church, including one instance in which he convinced three robbers who had stolen from him to return what they had taken and join the Franciscan order.

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