What month has been the most popular for birthdays?


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According to some sources, the most common month for babies to be born is August, while others claim July or September.
In general, the most popular span of time for births is July through October..
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Answer More people are born in August that any other month.
The one that is 9 months after the most "popular" month for sexual intercourse. So September sees more births in countries which celebrate Christmas. Evidence [scroll down
Some websites are intact, these websites change ranks but always
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The most common birth months correspond to conception taking place during the holiday season as well as during winter, suggesting that both festive moods and winter blahs may be responsible for the majority of births. The month with the least amount of births January, suggesting that late spring is not traditionally a time when people are focused on starting or expanding a family.

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In a 2006 statistic, August is the most popular birth month, just as it did in 10 of the previous 16 years and February had the least. Historically, the sweltering ...
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