What Month Is Easter in?


Easter is a moveable feast because its date changes every year. It always falls on the first Sunday following the full Moon (the Paschal Full Moon) after 21 March. If the Full Moon falls on a Sunday, then Easter is the next Sunday.
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It is in March, April or May. It depends what year.
The date for Easter celebrations in 2006 is Sunday, April 16, and each year the date changes because it is a moving holiday. Easter is a religious observance which is practiced in
In 2009 Easter falls on Sunday, April 12th. Have a
Easter cactus plants have bright to dark green leaves that are slightly scalloped ovals. The flat leaves are joined together to form a long stem that produces flowers. Easter cactus
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There is not a specified month in which Easter must fall. However, the calculations which are used to determine Easter always result in the holiday coming between March 22 and April 25. In most recent times Easter has been celebrated on March 23 in 2008.
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