What Muscles Does Hula Hooping Work?


Hula hooping works muscles in your body. It can be a source of strength for your arms, legs, and abdomen. You should consult a doctor before beginning a workout program with hula hoops.
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A hula hoop mostly exercises your abdomen muscles. Lowering the hula hoop can work your buttock muscles. It also works on your arms and legs muscles indirectly.
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The hoops used for modern day hoop dance are larger and stronger than the hoops you'll find in Wal-Mart or Target. Those hoops resemble the vintage hoops from the 50s and are meant
Hula Hooping works your core muscles - muscles in your abdomen, back, pelvis,
To use a hula hoop you have to place it around your waist. Fling the hula hoop so that it rolls around your body. Keep the hoop going around your body as long as you can.
1 Put on athletic clothing. Wear a tight-fitting shirt and pants so it'll be easier to hula hoop and so the hoop won't get caught on any loose clothing. Comfortable shoes will also
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