What Online Stores Accept Electronic Checks?


Online stores accept electronic checks on any items that you buy online. All large online merchants accept electronic checks; e.g., Amazon, Paypal,Overstock among others. Echeck payments, as they are called are linked to ones checking account.
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There are many good online electronics stores; however, according to an article from pcmag, the top five best online electronics stores are Think Geek, New Egg, Crutchfield, Dynamism
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What you want to do is change the way they make their payment. The typical scenario is they owe you money, they go to their bank web site, they enter online bill payment, and bank
If they take Pay Pal they accept on line checks. If you aren't with PP, join.
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Many stores accept electronic checks on their online stores. A major company that does is at Amazon.com.
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