What Percent of Fatalities on the Road Are Related to Alcohol?


The statistics of the percentage of alcohol related fatalities on the road vary from state to state even country to country. Some areas have higher death rates where others have lower rates.
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 36 people die in alcohol-related road traffic accidents per day and another 700 are injured. Motor vehicle accidents rank
35 percent of fatal crashes involve alcohol use.
These statistics are state by state. Nationally, more
Because we are sampling less than 5% of the population, 25/869 = 0.0287687, we can use the Binomial distribution to find the solution. Let X be the number of alcohol related road
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What Percent of Fatalities on the Road Are Related to Alcohol?
Almost 30 people die each day in the United States because of a car accident where alcohol was involved, according to the Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention. That factors out to about one death every 48 minutes. Effective prevention measures... More »
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In the year 2010, studies show that 31% of the overall fatalities from traffic accidents were alcohol-related. This number was down a bit from the previous year.
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Incidents of alcohol related road accidents are still high in the Unite Kingdom. The main problem is that some drunk drivers believe that they are immune to the ...
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