What Pill Says IP 465?


Ibuprofen 600 mg is the pill that says IP 465. This pill is used to treat different body pain. For example headaches, osteparthritis, muscle pain and fever.
Q&A Related to "What Pill Says IP 465?"
Oval white tablet imprinted IP 465 is 600 mg ibuprofen, an NSAID. This is a new
Not Medical Advice: The white pill with IP 465 is 600 mg Ibuprofen. It's used to treat pain. Text us?
this does appear to be a networking question. A white oblong pill marked IP 272 is sulfamethoxazole, a generic antibiotic, equivalent to Bactrim.
IP 204 is Oxycodone acetaminophen. It has a high potential for abuse since
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