What Planet Has the Longest Day?


The planet with the longest day is Venus. One day on Venus takes 243 Earth days. Jupiter has the shortest day. One day on Jupiter is 9 hours and 55 minutes on Earth.
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The answer is NOT Venus. Venus spins once in about 243 Earth days. That's called a "sidereal day" Also, rather confusingly, a "day" can mean just the daylight
Planet with the longest day is Venus. A day there takes 243 Earth days. A day on
That would be Mercury. The time from sunrise to sunrise takes almost 176 days (in earth time). It takes Mercury 88 (earth) days to orbit the sun making one day on Mercury the same
It's Mercury, because it does not rotate on its axis,
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Venus has the longest day of all the planets in the Solar System. One day on Venus is equivalent to about 243 Earth days.
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