What Plants Live in the Ocean?


Some plants that live in the ocean can be considered seaweed, coral, sponges, algae, and reefs! These plants are vital for the survival of organisms in the water, providing nourishment and other benefits!
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Millions of plants and animals are located in the Atlantic Ocean. Most live only near the sunlit surface; however, a variety of bottom-dwelling animals and plants can be found. These
the plants in the ocean are seaweed, coral, algae,coralline,sea grass, and kelp.
A very common plant is Sea fan. A very uncommon plant is Phytoplankton. Some
Along the California coastal region from Baja to the northern coastal redwoods, a diversity of plants thrive in the gusting ocean winds, sea salt spray and shifting temperatures.
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The ocean holds an abundant variety of lifeforms, including dolphins, turtles, sharks, penguins, octopuses, plankton, jellyfish, coral reefs and seaweed.
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