What Power Did Medusa Have?


The power that Medusa had was that she could turn people to stone if they looked at her. She has snakes for hair and was killed when Perseus beheaded her.
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The goddess, Medusa, is found in Greek and Roman mythology. She had the power to change the appearance of things. One look from Medusa could turn people and things into stone.
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it was about like chesse and had alot of chesse bowls on her head.
Medusa's head was turned into snakes and her face was so hideous that anyone who looked at
In some versions of the tale she has wings and can fly. Also her blood if mixed with sand or dirt can create snakes. Blood from the left side of her body works as the ultimate form
To turn any living creature to stone, by looking into her eyes.
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Medusa is a name given to a woman who was so powerful and dreaded that anyone on whom she cast her eyes, would turn to stone. Medusa on the other hand symbolizes ...
Medusa was mortal and beautiful but later became ugly with green skin and snakes for hair after Athena cursed her. Medusa is also known to have been a Gorgon, ...
Medusa wore mostly long flowy dresses in blue, black or gold. She also has snakes in her hair, lots of bracelets as well as necklaces. Medusa is a Greek mythology ...
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