What Questions Do Adverbs Answer?


The questions that adverbs answer are how, when, where, and why. Each of these questions describes the actions of verbs in sentences. Adverbs are considered the most movable parts of sentences, which means the can appear anywhere in a sentence's word order.
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adverbs answer when, where, how, and how many.
Adverbs answer "how, "when" or "where" and action took place. For example:
- Female tennis-star Althea bison's father once wanted her to be a boxer. The complete subject is "female tennis star Althea Bison's father" The simple subject is just &
Structured interview questions are here to stay, particularly the classic, "Where do you want to be in 10 years?" (The classic answer, "I want your job." has fallen
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An adverb is a word that modified an adjective. These would answer questions such as how much or how well. Such as 'carefully' or 'rather' in phrases such as 'drive carefully' or 'rather quickly'.
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