What race is Pharrell Williams?


Pharrell Williams is of African-American descent and was born on April 5, 1973. He was born to Carolyn Williams, an African-American woman, in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

There has been a small amount of controversy as to the ethnicity of Pharrell Williams' mother, and a rumor began circulating in 2013 that his mother was actually Caroline Williams, a former Filipino beauty queen. However, Pharrell's response to an unrelated scandal in 2014 involving the cover art on his album "GIRL" helped shed some light on the issue. In a radio talk show interview with "The Breakfast Club," he stated that his "mom is a black woman and is a huge part of [his] business."

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Pharrell Williams is a black man born April 5, 1973 in Virgina Beach, Va. He has been
I've heard that he's black mixed with Asian
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