What Repels Bees?


There are several things that can repel bees. If you mean honey-bees, smoke will pacify them or make them leave. If you mean yellow-jackets, which are wasps, they can be trickier. The Germans put a sliced lemon with cloves stuck in the pulp on the table to keep these wasps away.
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Bees are key workers for Mother Nature, but bees can also be a nuisance. You can repel bees using a newspaper. Burn a newspaper underneath their nest. You may also used orange oil and a water to concoct a natural bee repellent by mixing them and brush them around the banisters of your deck. You can find more info at: www.ehow.com
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1. Cover all food items when outdoors. The summer months are popular for outdoor picnics and barbecues when wasps and bees are most active. 2. Cover foods high in protein or keep
1. Start a campfire. Smoke usually relaxes honey bees and will make them less likely to sting. 2. Have some fabric softener sheets handy. You might place a few on the table, or tie
nicotine. What is this problem with bees? Leave them alone.
Bees will leave you alone if you do not attack their hives. If you want to make own insect repellent use: Lemon peels or orange, mint leaves or sage leaves, rubbing alcohol or witch
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