What Repels Fleas?


Aside from medications provided by licensed veterinarians, there are multiple products available over the counter. Natural flea repellents include apple cider vinegar, lavender oil, lemon water, brewers yeast and rosemary.
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What Repels Fleas?
Fleas are wingless, bloodsucking insects most commonly found on household pets such as dogs and cats. Common effects of flea bites include various skin problems, such as rashes, but can also cause more serious health problems. As they are bloodsuckers... More »
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1. Boil a pot of water on the stove. Slice a lemon into quarters and place them into a pint-sized glass jar. 2. Pour the boiling water over the lemons, filling the jar to the top.
Khakibos (Tagetes minuta) is used in a variety of products in South Africa as an effective flea repellent. Embed Quote
1. Mix the dried herbs together, crushing them into a powdery form. 2. Pour into a small shaker, like a salt shaker. 3. Sprinkle over your pet's fur and comb through. Don't comb too
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1. Add garlic to your pet's meal on a daily basis. The addition of fresh garlic to your dog's food will help to repel fleas naturally. Fleas do not like garlic ...
There are many different home remedies for repelling fleas and ticks. One method is to use Borax detergent all over the house. Another remedy is to rub oranges ...
Vinegar actually does repel fleas. This method is typically used on animal fur. Most often dogs and cats will be covered in vinegar to prevent them from getting ...
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